Our Team

Profile of Dr. Matthias Krups

BCI Media Group owes its existence to Dr. Matthias Krups who founded the company in 1998 and has overseen its expansion across SE Asia, Australia and most recently, New Zealand.

In his leadership role, Matthias provides the overall strategic direction of the company. Importantly he provides the ‘spiritual’ guidance of the organisation and enjoys actively nurturing and promoting our company culture and values.

Matthias studied at the University of Muenster in Germany and gained a diploma in business administration and a PhD in economics with a major in marketing and statistics. He spent three years in the hotel industry in the USA in various operational and marketing and development roles. He then spent 10 years in Europe working in executive positions in the construction information industry before establishing the BCI business.

Dr. Matthias Krups

Chairman & Founder of BCI Media Group

Profile of Damian Eastman

Damian Eastman was appointed as Co-CEO for BCI Media group in 2018 with a focus on BCI’s Australian and New Zealand Operations.

Damian joined BCI in 2004 originally as a Customer Liaison Consultant but was assigned a product development position soon after and eventually was asked to head up the Australian Research Department. Then in 2012 he took on the role of Chief Operating Officer for BCI Australia and New Zealand.

Damian has responsibility for all BCI’s business operations in Australia and New Zealand. In this function he works with the management teams of BCI Australia and New Zealand to improving efficiencies, maintaining strong growth and analysing opportunities of strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

Damian has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Otago and before joining BCI, held various roles with the Australian Bureau of Statistics and with several Australian based international financial institutions.

Damian Eastman

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Profile of Robert Krups

Robert Krups was appointed as Co-CEO for BCI Media group in 2018 with a focus on BCI’s Asian Operations.

Robert joined BCI in 2010 as a Project Manager for South America and was appointed as General Manager for the Cross Media Division of BCI Asia. In 2012 he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer – BCI Asia.

Robert has responsibility for all business operations across Asia. In this function he works closely with the management team of BCI Asia on improving efficiencies, maintaining strong growth, expanding into new markets and analysing opportunities of strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisition.

Robert attended Goettingen University in Germany where he was awarded a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics before graduating with a Master of Science in Renewable Energy from Murdoch University, Perth. He then spent three years working with the German office of the World Wide Fund for Nature after which he moved to BCI Media Group to start working in emerging markets.

Robert Krups

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Profile of Peter Rolshoven

In his position as the Chief Financial Officer of BCI Media Group, Peter Rolshoven is responsible for the accounting and reporting functions as well as the financial control and corporate governance of the Company. With data analysis and financial risk planning he supports the operations, continuously trying to improve efficiencies.

Although Peter formally commenced with BCI Australia in November 2008 as Commercial Manager, he did work for BCI as an intern in 2006 while finishing his bachelor degree in International Business and Management Studies (IBMS). He also completed an apprenticeship as a ‘Bankkaufmann’ (banker) at Deutsche Bank.

In 2008 Peter graduated from Maastricht University in the Netherlands with a Master of Science in International Business Finance.


Peter Rolshoven

Chief Financial Officer
BCI Media Group


Profile of Michelle Aizenberg

Michelle Aizenberg was appointed the role of Chief Research Officer and onto the Executive Board in 2014. With a focus on improving project research practices and quality, Michelle oversees the development of BCI’s research resources and the overall management of the operations across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Having started with BCI Australia in 2006 as a researcher, Michelle has a deep understanding of the role and its importance to the company.

At the time she joined BCI, Michelle was continuing her studies and has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours), Master of Arts and Bachelor of Law from the University of NSW. She has also completed her practical legal training with Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) and was admitted as a Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in December 2011.

Michelle Aizenberg

Chief Research Officer
BCI Media Group

Profile of Nikhil Roy

Nikhil Roy joined BCI in 2001 in the formative years of the business as a Developer in the Singapore office. He was appointed IT Manager in 2002 where he was responsible for the management of all BCI’s internal IT systems and the development of BCI’s proprietary software programs. Nikhil was instrumental in the launch of BCI’s proprietary software systems in Australia and also took sole responsibility of managing the IT needs for BCI Australia. Relocating to Sydney in 2005, Nikhil established the local Australian IT team and coordinated the development of new products, improvements and features. He has since moved into a group wide management position, overseeing all development, support and infrastructure as the head of the regional IT Department.

Nikhil has a Bachelor of Engineering degree, specialising in Computing from the University of Mumbai along with over 20 years of experience in web development. Prior to joining BCI, he held various roles working on high-profile websites in India for the Times Group and in Singapore for the Singapore Stock Exchange.


Nikhil Roy

Chief Information Technology Officer of BCI Media Group