Our Corporate Responsibility

The FairBuilding Network

BCI Media Group launched the FairBuilding Network in June 2014, marking a huge milestone in the development of BCI’s Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours.

Since its inception, the FairBuilding Network has been a crucial part of BCI’s vision to contribute to increasing social equality and environmental awareness in construction and the built environment.

What is the FairBuilding Network?

The FairBuilding Network is a free online platform that helps Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) with building projects and social housing developers to connect with building product suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers who are willing to help.

How does it work?

The FairBuilding Networks helps NGOs such as Habitat for Humanity and social developers such as Phinma by listing their building projects on the FairBuilding online database for free. These building projects can include any type of building project that benefits the poor or underprivileged such as residential housing, schools, local hospitals, etc.

Suppliers of building materials and products (such as bricks, concrete, flooring, tiles, wood, window frames, etc) or contractors of building services and trades (such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc) can become Partners of the Fair Building Network for free and search the online database to view projects that they can help with.

Help from the supply Partners can come in many forms including discounted prices for slow moving stock, free supply of redundant stock or charging a lower rate for contractor services. Even supplying goods at normal wholesale rates could help!

Every little bit counts so help us make a difference today. For more information or to get involved, visit the FairBuilding Network website or contact us directly by email.


Charity Day Initiative

In December 2014 BCI Media Group launched the Charity Day initiative as a way to foster kindness and compassion within our workforce, through a range of avenues that engage the personal passions of each employee.

Through this initiative we aim to nurture goodwill & social responsibility, and play a part in creating a world that respects our environment and is free from social injustice by taking action in our local communities.

Since its commencement, the Charity Day initiative has fostered the participation of BCI Media Group employees throughout Asia-Pacific within charities including Oxfam, Gawad Kalinga, Food Angel & SisterWorks Incorporated.

BCI employees have the opportunity to take up to two paid days off every year to work at a charity of their choice, and personally contribute to building a better future for all.