Architectural Information Services (AIS)

Architectural Information Services (AIS) gives product manufacturers the opportunity to interact face-to-face with architects, interior designers and specifiers through a series of high impact events.

Our events provide the ideal platform for supplier brands to reach and establish relationships with decision makers, and secure specifications. Events range from the relaxed and informal to structured formal presentations, providing a choice of channels to connect and engage with the target audience.

Event types:

iFlex Sessions

An iFlex is a multi-supplier presentation that is tailored to suit each practice and is held on premise in the architect firm. Up to six suppliers are invited to showcase their latest products and innovations to the architects of the firm, with catering for the architects included. There are two types of iFlex sessions:

  • Informal: the session is held usually in the boardroom and suppliers are allocated a section around the boardroom table to display their products. Architects are invited to walk around the room and speak to each supplier.
  • Formal: also held in the boardroom, a formal iFlex session sees each supplier allocated 5-10minutes to present their own individual presentation and demonstrate their products. Architects are seated throughout the session.

CPD Seminars

Architects that a members of the Australian Institute of Architects in NSW, WA, QLD and TAS are required by the Code of Profession Conduct to complete CPD (Continuous Professional Development) annually through the participation of CPD certified activities.

At AIS, our CPD seminar days provide the opportunity for suppliers who have developed certified CPD programs to present to architects either on premise in their firm or at a public CPD day. For suppliers who do not currently have certified CPD programs, we can also assist in developing an educational program and getting it assessed and formally certified as a CPD program.

  • Private/On premise: CPD seminars held on premise at the architect firm, with only one supplier presenting at each hour session.
  • Public: Full day seminars where up to six one-hour Formal CPD presentations are delivered back-to-back throughout the whole day. Architects and other specifiers may choose to join individual sessions or stay for multiple presentations. AIS will arrange everything from the venue and AV to catering and completion certificates for each attendee.

Equinox Boutique Tradeshows

An Equinox event is a boutique evening tradeshow with attendance strictly limited to architects and design professionals only. With wine, canapés and cocktails, each Equinox event offers a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to networking and relationship building.

Equinox events are held once or twice a year at architecturally significant venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart and Townsville. To further appeal to a target audience that appreciates design and innovation, exhibition spaces are not set in the standard booth format, but arranged to suit the space of the venue. Exhibitors are also encouraged to be creative with their stand design to further showcase their products and engage with attendees as they walk past.

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