BCI LeadManager

Hate making cold calls? Start with a warm lead.

Time equals money and studies show that almost 25% of a sales person’s time is spent researching in preparation for a sales call. Imagine if this time and effort could be redirected to developing engagement with prospects and fostering stronger client relationships. With BCI LeadManager you now have a shortcut in the sales process, providing you with quality leads that will help you build a qualified sales pipeline while also getting you in front of your prospects faster. Let us do the work for you.

What is BCI LeadManager?

The BCI LeadManager service is an online repository of current construction projects, ranging from concept design and planning stages to documentation, tender, the awarding of contracts and commencement of construction. Purpose-designed to manage, track, share and follow up on sales opportunities, BCI LeadManagers has over 25,000+ projects published every month across Asia Pacific, with each project featuring the verified contact details of at least one key decision maker.

Why choose BCI LeadManager?

Quality of information, customer service, and ease of use are three areas that differentiate BCI LeaderManager from our competitors. We believe that if we work hard to achieve and maintain a high standard in these three focal areas, we will consistently provide the value that our members seek.

Quality of information

BCI Media Group has over 240 experienced researchers across Asia Pacific, dedicated to searching, sourcing and verifying information on current and upcoming construction projects. Our research covers a broad range of projects spanning 30+ categories and 100+ subcategories.

Our sources of information include, but are not limited to:

  • Extensive network of industry contacts
  • Local government information channels
  • Government tenders
  • Newspaper leads
  • Project websites
  • Marketing pages online
  • Builder, developer, architect websites

Once a researcher has found a new project, they will call the relevant architect, developer and builder to confirm the information and also to collect further information on the project.

Communication with key decision makers are maintained throughout the life of the project and any significant change in the project is reflected in a project update within the database. Only changes deemed significant and important qualify as an update to ensure the quality and integrity of the database. Any change in the construction stages (e.g. from concept to design or building approval) or any change in key decision makers (change in architects, builders or developers) qualifies as an update.

Customer Service

We understand that having access to a program without knowing how to use it is a lose-lose for both our members and ourselves. This is why we provide:

  • A easy transition to the new platform: we find out your requirements and tailor the membership to the needs of your business with setup and configuration included
  • In-depth training: choose from our online or face-to-face training programs which are designed to show you how to use all the key functionalities of the program and how to easily find the projects that matter most to you
  • Unlimited, ongoing support: our dedicated account managers and customer service managers will provide ongoing support throughout the life of your membership and can address any queries or issues you may come across
  • Research request: if there is a project you need additional information on or can’t find in our database, simple let us know and our team of researchers will source more information on the project for you and provide a response within 48hours of your request.

Ease of Use

An abundance of data in its raw form can be time consuming to sort and decipher. This is why we break down bulk data, which can be overwhelming, into clear, meaningful information you can use. Our user-friendly interface features practical functionalities for your added convenience:

  • Search engine: a comprehensive search function allowing users to customise searches to project specifics e.g. stage, type, building elements, keywords, location, etc. and to save popular searches for future use.
  • Watchlist: allows users to save projects and companies of interest and to receive notifications when updates to the project or contact has been made
  • CRM: enables users to Add Notes, attach relevant correspondence, ‘Add Follow Up’ tasks and export companies and contacts to their Microsoft Outlook calendar and other Microsoft programs. The mail merge tool allows users to create personlised letters with the company letterhead.
  • Team Management: allows permissions to be setup to regulate the accessibility of information under the one account. Projects and follow-ups can be sorted and assigned to individuals, making sure that there is no overlap within the sales team. Managers can also monitor the team’s activity through usage reports and export project status lists to Microsoft Excel.

If you are selling to the building and construction market and are short on time, then let us do the work for you. Contact one of our sales consultants today to find out how we can help.