BCI Mobile

BCI Mobile heralds a new era in construction industry business development by delivering project leads direct to a mobile sales team. Launched on 28th January 2014, BCI Mobile is a fully-functioning sales lead management application that integrates seamlessly with BCI’s market-leading LeadManager system.

Project leads when you need them most

BCI Mobile revolutionises the sales process by extending access to BCI project and company information to iPhones, iPads, Android smart phones and tablets. Regular project and company notifications are delivered to sales people in the field, where they can be reviewed and followed up immediately. As with all BCI products, the service is personalised for each individual sales person’s needs.

Receive notifications wherever you are

BCI Mobile arms your sales team with the information they need, when and where they need it most. They can identify projects ‘near me’, create new opportunities and manage their sales pipelines on the go. Account Managers will find companies ‘near me’ and be first to know when updates are found on projects involving their clients.

Key features include

  • Be first to know with notifications pushed direct to your iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone or tablet.
  • Identify projects ‘near me’.
  • Identify companies ‘near me’.
  • Full control of what project leads you see and what you filter out.
  • Be first to call with tap to call functionality.
  • Track projects and manage key accounts on the fly.
  • Add notes as you leave the meeting and benefit from them later.
  • Fine tune your pipeline by archiving out-of-scope projects on the spot.
  • Syncs with BCI LeadManager so you can work seamlessly on the road or in the office.
  • Assign leads centrally from BCI LeadManager, then track activity at the touch of a button.