BCI TenderManager – For Builders (For Australia & New Zealand)

BCI TenderManager is an online platform designed to simplify the management of the construction project tender process by providing both Builders and Subcontracts with a secure and systematic way of exchanging information.


The management of the construction tender process can be tedious, time consuming and complex. BCI TenderManager is an easy, affordable solution to reduce the time taken and the effort expended on managing this process.

The BCI tender management software has been designed according to industry research on the needs of Builders. We have also incorporated the best features from our competitors’ offerings and distilled it to the core elements to provide the right balance of functionality and simplicity, at an affordable price. We have stayed true to the objective of simplifying the complexity of the tendering process by excluding unnecessary and over-specialised functions in our software. With BCI TenderManager you pay for what you need and not for what you don’t.


  • Easy administration of tender documents with the ability to upload trade packages with a click of a button.
  • Added option of having BCI separate your trade packages for you and loading them into the system to save you time and effort
  • Upload your own list of preferred subcontractors or find new subcontractors from our database
  • Invite subcontractors to tender and easily select the packages that you want to send to specific subcontractors or trades. Simply click, tick and send.
  • System log of all documents loaded to track changes and updates made by you and by all quoting subcontractors
  • Real time reporting providing you with transparency on all quoting subcontractors and quotes
  • Send notifications of changes or the outcome of a tender to all subcontractors with one click
  • Verified legitimacy of every business in TenderManager from mandated provision of an ABN during registration
  • Confidential and secured delivery of documents and packages protected by a multi-layered security system


  • Membership access for an unlimited number of estimators
  • Uncapped number of projects posted both publically and privately
  • No data storage or file type restrictions
  • Unlimited free customer support

The added benefits of BCI TenderManager compared to our Competitors

  • BCI TenderManager is offered to both Builders and Subcontractors for one low monthly flat rate rather then charging Subcontractors a high rate for each contract awarded to them. This encourages all Subcontractors to use the platform rather than submitting quotations via an alternative method in order to avoid paying a ‘win fee’. This means less disorganisation for Builders as all quotation documents are received and stored in one central location within the TenderManager system.
  • BCI TenderManager members who also have a membership to BCI LeadManager have the added convenience accessing both platforms via one dashboard and can transfer data between the two.