BCI TenderManager – For Subcontractors (Australia)

BCI TenderManager is an online platform designed to simplify the management of the construction project tender process by providing both Builders and Subcontractors with a secure and systematic way of exchanging information.

The tender quotation process can be time consuming and disorganised with document mixups, miscommunication and lost or overlooked emails adding to the stress of meeting a submission deadline. BCI TenderManager is an easy to use online tender management platform designed to help lessen the complexity and strain of quoting for construction projects.

BCI TenderManager is a straightforward tender management software program containing the core functionality required to simplify a complex tendering process, without any unnecessary embellishments or over-specialised functions. With BCI TenderManager you pay for what you need and not for what you don’t.


  • Receive and respond to invitations from Builders for free
  • Access and search the latest public tenders, tender documentation and Request For Information
  • Increase the chances of been found by Builders and invited to quote for private projects
  • Receive notifications for changes and revisions to tender documents and ensure you are quoting on the latest specifications
  • Speak to the right person at the right time with notifications when a Builder has been awarded a project and how to contact them
  • Stay organised with all your documents and quotes stored in one place and streamlined distribution of quotes with a few quick clicks
  • System document trail to track all documents you have downloaded to minimise potential confusion or duplications
  • Confidential and secured delivery of documents and quotations protected by a multi-layered security system
  • Receive a notification from the Builder when you are awarded a contract


  • Membership access for an unlimited number of employees
  • Uncapped limit on number of projects accessed both publicly and privately
  • Receive all invitations and project updates by email.
  • Unlimited free customer support.

The added benefits of BCI TenderManager compared to our Competitors

  • BCI TenderManager is offered to both Builders and Subcontractors for one monthly flat rate rather than charging Subcontractors a high rate for each contract awarded. This means you pay one low flat rate and can be awarded an unlimited number of contracts without any extra costs.
  • BCI TenderManager members who also have a membership to BCI LeadManager have the added convenience of accessing both platforms via one dashboard and can transfer data between the two.