BCI Academy

Looking to win new clients or want to build more profitable relationships?

Improve your sales skills with one of our sales training programs, which are specifically geared towards helping you reach your target audience of Architects, Interior Designers and Design Specifiers.

Our training programs have been developed using insights obtained directly from the construction industry’s key decision makers. These insights are gathered through research interviews conducted annually with the information distilled to discover the best practice approaches as preferred by architects, designers and specifiers.

Our standard training courses are open to members of BCI as well as non-members and include:

  • Effective Specification Selling
  • Presentation Skills Masterclass

We also offer customised in-house training as well as coaching and mentoring for a sales training program specifically tailored to your business.

Effective Specification Selling

Our one-day Effective Specification Selling course focuses on how to best approach architects and design specifiers with information on your products in an engaging and informative way so that your products get remembered and specified.

The course features insights into the characteristics, motivations and preferences of the target market derived from our bi-annual survey conducted directly with architects and design specifiers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Discover how they currently perceive product suppliers and how they prefer products suppliers to interact with them in order to become a trusted partner rather than an occasional supplier.

What to expect?

  • Gain greater understanding of the specifications sales process and how to manage it.
  • Learn how to identify key decision makers and how they can be influenced effectively.
  • Secure more specifications and reduce the risk of specifications breaking.
  • Learn tailored marketing strategies targeted specifically towards architects and design specifiers.
  • Understand how to have an effective meeting with a decision makers and confidently present your products and your unique competitive advantage.
  • Develop your relationship building skills and implement best practice strategies into your follow-ups.

Presentation Skills Masterclass

The Presentation Skills Masterclass is a one-day training program that goes beyond the basics of simply standing in front of an audience with a Powerpoint presentation. This course has been specifically designed to focus on the essence of powerful communication by developing both the process and behavioral elements of a presentation.

The process side covers topics such as prior planning, choosing the right delivery method, outstanding content, supporting materials and visual aids and the use of technology all of which contribute towards the structure of the presentation.

The behavioral side focuses on factors influencing the performance of the presenter including body language, over coming the fear of public speaking, as well as how to involve the audience and dealing with difficult audience behaviours.

Whether you are presenting to developers, architects or builders, first impressions last so enrol today to build your confidence and maximise your impact when presenting to decision makers in product presentations or tender panels.

What to expect?

  • Learn practical techniques to properly prepare and to select the most suitable delivery method based on the audience, the environment and the message being delivered
  • Understand different learning styles and how to accommodate for these. Master verbal & non-verbal communication techniques to improve your delivery through an increased awareness of body language, gestures, eye contact and vocal techniques.
  • Improve your public speaking presence and overcome nerves to present with confidence.
  • Handle question and answer time and effectively deal with difficult audience behaviours.
  • Use visual aids such as PowerPoint and flipcharts to appropriately support the key messages in your presentation.

Customised Training

BCI Academy offers fully customised training programs designed exclusively for you and your sales team and developed to meet your business and learning objectives. We will work with your key stakeholders to thoroughly understand the needs of your company in order to create relevant content, strategies and exercises to ensure a successful and engaging training program. We will also incorporate your company’s real life business cases and terminology to ensure the training is aligned to your processes and helps overcome your biggest challenges.

Advantages of customised training include:

  • Addresses sales challenges specific to your business and industry
  • Enables you to achieve better, long lasting learning outcomes
  • Provides an great opportunity for team building
  • Lower-cost per person (vs. open training)
  • 100% tailored to your needs
  • Added convenience of having the program delivered at a time, location and space that fits in with your business schedule

What to expect

  • Extensive analysis of your business, goals and challenges
  • Highly skilled trainers with in-depth construction industry background to train, coach & mentor your staff
  • All administration, coordination, content development and facilitation is covered by BCI
  • Option of BCI to run interviews with your key clients (upon request)
  • Option for further coaching of team members (upon request)



BCI Academy provides coaching services to professionals working in the construction industry as a natural extension of our in-classroom training. Having constant communication with key decision makers on construction projects as well as sound experience in sales, management and leadership, BCI Academy is positioned like no other organisation to assist you with developing your talent and skill set and holding you accountable for your actions and outcomes.

Our Aims:

  • Develop your talent through one-on-one coaching with tailored feedback and action plans to assist you in your business role.
  • Define goals and achieve them through analysis and monitoring of your progress over a set time frame.
  • Help you stay focused through a clear set of action plans designed to help you achieve your business objectives when it matters most.